Friday, May 6, 2016

Party Game for Children

I love getting together with my family. I love seeing my siblings and getting caught up on their lives.

I do not like being surrounded by out of control children who are excited and bored at the same time.

Enter the party puzzle! They are easy to make. Just create a puzzle about the event or the people attending. Kids will love solving a puzzle about things they know and enjoy.

And you will get a  few moments of peace to find out about your sister's new baby and your brother's new home!

Make yours now.

Pinterest Worthy Invitations (Without the Work)

Everyone is so cutsey and crafty these days. I'll be honest, I'm not. I look at pinterest boards and just feel insignificant and frustrated at the high standards.

Problem solved! I found a cute way to make invitations without having to do a lot of work.

I made a puzzle to invite people to our upcoming graduation party for my daughter. They turned out so cute, and I didn't even have to do much work!

Go make yours now.

Get Well Soon Discomfort Aleviated

Your friend is sick. You really want to help them feel better, but you aren't sure what to do.

I figured it out! It can be boring recuperating, being stuck in bed all day. So fix it! Create a puzzle for your friend that is just about them.

They will enjoy solving it and it will help the day go a little better for them.

Go make yours now.

Religious Education

I saw a puzzle made by a customer the other day and it got me thinking. I’ve played puzzles in schools, and I’ve passed out plenty of puzzles to my own children. This gentleman had made a puzzle for his Religious Ed class; something I had never considered.
It got me thinking though. How great would it be to send your students home from church with a puzzle? They can play it on their own time, but it reinforces those concepts that you taught them that day. I thought it was a brilliant idea.


I Didn’t Realize Just How Popular Crossword Puzzles Are!

Today I used Crossword Weaver to made a vocabulary review puzzle for my soon-to-be 5th grader.  She grabbed it and started excitedly solving the puzzle. My teenage daughter walked in and saw what was going on and informed me that her English teacher always passed out a crossword puzzle to help them prepare for vocabulary tests.
Of course, being in the business, I had to ask her what she thought of them. She said she liked them. It made it nice to have a method of study that was a little more fun.
Who knew? I guess a lot of teachers are using puzzles in many different ways.
You’ll notice in the puzzle below, a word bank has been provided for the kids. This is a great way to help younger children, or to include with a puzzle you are using early on in the teaching process.

Staff Review

I came across a fun way to keep staff reminded of important information without coming across as condescending and rude.
It can be difficult to have to remind staff of basics without offending them. That’s why I thought this was such a great idea!
A residential facility created a crossword puzzle to give to all of their staff. It reminded them of important laws, procedures, and policies, and did it all in a fun way.

Science Comes Alive With Crosswords

Science can be a tricky subject. There are those kids who absolutely love it and thrive on it. And then there are the rest of them.
A dedicated science teacher can do a lot to bring the subject alive and help the students get excited about the subject.
One such teacher we found is  using crossword puzzles to review his subjects.  Kids love puzzles. This is a great way to help them review their material and really enforce those concepts you’ve taught them.

Unique Baby Shower Game

I’m attending a baby shower tonight and it got me thinking about hosting parties.
I have found that the worst time is right at the beginning. You know that not all of your guests are going to be on time, but it is rather awkward to have everyone one waiting around for people to arrive before you can start.
I found the perfect solution: make a puzzle about the Mom-to-Be, her husband, the nursery theme, etc. Pass it out at the beginning. It gives guests something to do, but at the same time it’s a great ice breaker. They’ll start to talk to each other and get comfortable with each other as they answer the questions. You can give a prize to the person with the most right answers.